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Passing on the baton

After ten years and 700 relationship and parenting courses for well over 7,000 Bristol people, we have now drawn BCFT to a close. This newsletter explains how our pioneering approach will continue ...

Let's Stick Together
Let's Stick Together remains a popular free one hour session on relationships for new parents. Already available through most post-natal clinics and Surestart centres in Bristol, it is now offered nationally by Care for the Family.

Let's Stick Together in the Mail on Sunday magazine NEW
Wonderful article about Let's Stick Together! Link here or download 5MB here.

Let's Stick Together - THE relationship book for new parents
Harry's book is the perfect present for all young couples. New version out now!

What to do if you or your friends are a couple in crisis
If you’re here because your marriage or relationship is in trouble this is for you.

Family policy - What the government SHOULD be doing
Family breakdown costs £44bn. Yet there is still no family policy to strengthen families. Read Harry's proposals in the top journal Parliamentary Brief.

Harry's blog and Harry on Twitter
Regular interesting articles on all things marriage and relationships

Please note that BCFT has closed as of end March 2013. Contact Care for the Family for Let's Stick Together sessions.
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